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This pretty much sums up a conversation I had with a friend, at one casual dinner last night…

“Are you dating someone?”

“Sekarang? Nggak.”

“Not even ………?”


“Wow. Don’t you have a plan to get married?” Wow. What a question.

“Do I have a plan to get married? No.”

“Seriously? No?”

“No.” Aku menggeleng.

“So it’s like, you plan to live alone forever?” Ohmaigosh. Haha.

“That’s not what I’m saying. Of course I want to find someone. The right one. But if you’re asking me whether marriage is my priority, the answer is: No. Yang lebih penting buat gue adalah siapa orangnya, bukan meritnya.”

“Kalo ada yang datang ngelamar, lo mau nggak?”

“Itu… tergantung guenya ya gimana ke dia. Kalau gue ngerasa emang dia orangnya, ya oke… kalau nggak, ya nggak. Yang jelas ya, gue gak mau merit karena ngerasa terpaksa, terdesak, ditekan… oleh apapun. Lingkungan, umur, status, atau karena orang bilang apa lah.”

For god sake. Apa artinya penantian sepanjang ini kalau ujung-ujungnya cuman untuk merit karena merasa tak punya pilihan lain? Would you want to end up sucks like everyone else in their unhappy marriage just to feel sort of “complete”? No, not in Libra influences.

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