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There were times, not just once, when a guy told me that I was too kind. Way too kind. Should’ve been flattered, perhaps. I was not. This guy then tried to explain that every “kind” thing I had done such as caring, attention, tolerance, even understanding and all supports that I once gave him might be redundant.

Maybe it’s right. Maybe it’s not. Maybe that’s just what I’m all about; my identity, my tendency, my needs.

Reading what this so-called “TeamLibraFacts” elaborate on their page, I’m quite sure they are talking about what I-and-my-people are about:

    • Libra will always put their lover’s needs before theirs.
    • Sexy, good-hearted, humble, loving, caring, honest and giving are some attributes Libras have to offer.
    • Libra are extremely understanding and respect honesty.
    • Libra say what they mean and mean what they say. They expect the same honesty from their friends and partners.
    • Libra are not looking for a perfect partner, they’re looking for one who will always keep it REAL.
    • As a romantic idealist, a Libra will wander the Earth looking for the perfect match.
    • A Libra takes the meaning of commitment very seriously.
    • Libra can play games well but we hate to. We also hate people who play games.
    • Libra’s trust: hard to get, easy to lose. Simple as that.
    • When you’re dating a Libra, don’t even think about cheating or flirting with other people. We do not put up with that.
    • Libra can give you a world, but they can also give up on you if you bullshit them too many times.
    • The worst thing you can do to a Libra is make us feel unappreciated or not wanted. We have no problem walking away.
    • It’s hard for Libra to let go, but once we do, we feel no more. Others realize it but it’s too late.
    • Libra posses a strength that no one can really account for so don’t mistake their kindness for weakness.
    • You will regret leaving a Libra. You will only realize how much you miss and love them when nobody else treats you the way they did.
    • Nothing pleases a Libra more than showing them you care.

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