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What will it take…

to get where you really want to go

to have things you really want to have

to be the person you really want to be

What will it take?

It will take…

Work. Hard work. Late nights.

Frustation. Sacrifice. Efforts.

Disappointment. Discomfort.

It will take your total commitment.

It will take the best you have to give.

If you think that sounds tough,

consider the alternative…


Wondering what you could’ve done

if only you’ve given it your best shot.

The waste of a life half-lived,

and you can’t go back.

So… the choice is up to you

an easy path with a heart-breaking destination

or a challenging path with a destination of fulfillment and joy.

Anyway you cut it,

life is difficult.


is that really so bad?

It is in the challenge that we grow

It is in the overcoming the difficulties

that we find our great accomplishment.

Face life head on

deal with the challenging as they come

Accept that life is difficult,

quit wishing or pretending that it is easy,

And you will be free…

to live with joy and purpose and fulfillment.

(source: unknown — reposted from my journal, written on Feb 18th 2000, at homey home Dago-Bandung)

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