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3 greatest birthday

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It’s the greatest birthday I’ve ever had. I’ve got phone calls and sms’ from all the most important people in my life. Not as many as in years before, but surely they were all the most important ones. The most I love and care about whom I did really hope to get just a birthday greeting from. A long-term good friend from the past even called me in the evening on his way back home from out of town. Thanks, man :-)

I had a cake for my sister’s family, and how more grateful I was when I knew they liked it very very much. In fact, that was such a beautiful gift as well. But as though it has just never been enough yet, I still got another kisses, hugs, and… a surprising gift! Well… giving something to people you love rather than hoping to get gifts on your special day, always means that you will get something in return, even the very unexpected way you might ever guess.

I started this day with alhamdullillah… spent the whole day with prayers of alhamdullillah… and would end it with more alhamdullillah… Shall I give Thee: I thank You in a bunch.


  1. Andri says:

    Halo sang penyiar… Selamat Ulang Tahun yaa… Semoga karirnya makin sukses aja… Ditunggu makan-makannya…hwehehe…

    tararengkyu Andri KH, salam kenal… yuk makan di rumah masing2 yaah… hehehe


  2. rnaw says:

    ahh gilingan… masak aq gak tau kalo kamu ultah 2 hari lalu!!!
    maafkan diriku ini ya!!!
    selamat ulang tahun die Ansagerin… semoga cita2mu dan harapan2mu segera tercapai.
    Dan makin disayang Allah, keluarga, teman2, dan ‘pacar’ yukkk!!

    hihihi… aku tau kamu ga tau, dan sengaja juga ga kasih tau… padahal lumayan effort juga tuh nahan supaya mulut ga “nyelip”… hahaha.. but hey.. thanks another bunch for the late night calls (i mean like REALLY REALLY LATE) you had made just now ok…


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